Bush & Perkins Engraved English Quart Tulip-Shape Tankard, ca. 1771-1781

A clean quart marked pewter English export tulip-shape tankard by Robert Bush and Richard Perkins. Perkins was
Bush's former apprentice. The firm operated from 1771-1781 before splitting up. Rarely found, the tankard has  
interesting and somewhat naive engraving on the dome lid, showing a crown, olive branches, the initials 'CB' and the
date '1751'. No doubt a commemorative piece that might indicate a 20- or 25-year anniversary of some 1751
occurrence of significant meaning. Also interesting, on the bottom of the tankard are the 18th century initials 'JB',
possibly the descendent of CB.  'JB' might have commissioned the lidded engraving to honor his ancestor.  As 18th
century English used an I for a J, the initials 'JB' could reference a person of a different heritage, possibly German.

Standing nearly 8" tall to the top of the open chair-back thumb piece, the tankard is in excellent overall condition.


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