As a collector and dealer for over 25 years, the items used in everyday early American life have
appealed to me. Whether due to the inherent soft gleaming beauty of pewter,  the colorful artistry
of decorated tinware, or the rounded form of a cast iron pitcher, my eye is drawn to these
commonplace items.  

The average early American could not afford singularly fancy decorative objects but still desired  
to bring art, color and light into their world.  Whether the shining bright pewter found
throughout the house, the colorful glass at the table, or the penny foot iron trivet at the hearth,
early Americans found satisfaction in the artful utilitarian pieces surrounding them.

While originally useful functioning items, all of the antiques at American Life Antiques are
objects that have drawn me because they are beautiful objects in their own right. Nonetheless, in
almost every instance, these scarce antiques remain useful as well as decorative. I hope these
offerings appeal to you as well.

I invite you to look around and address questions to me.  Also, everything is sold with a
guarantee as described.  Condition problems, if any, are noted. Should any purchase be less than
satisfactory, it may be returned for your money back.  For further information, see
Shop Policies.

Thank you.
All photographs and text are the property of Greg Aurand
and may not be duplicated without permission.