Samuel Danforth American Pewter  7-13/16" Plate, Late Eighteenth or Early Nineteenth Century

A marked pewter plate by Samuel Danforth of Hartford Connecticut, c. 1795-1816, in the "semi-deep" 7-13/16" size.  
This size plate is a bit deeper than some of his other 8" range plates

The plate is in fine condition with only a few metal imperfections on the reverse, some knife marks and light wear.
Samuel's circular eagle touch mark (J-108) is double-struck on the reverse.

It is worth noting the 15 pellets (stars) in this eagle mark, suggesting the touch mark began its life between 1795-1796,
very early in Samuel's career.  The 15th state, Kentucky, gained statehood in 1792. The 16th state, Tennessee, gained
statehood in 1796.

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